Through the Colorado Rockies


(c) July 2000,
Urs Künzler

Independence Pass Independence Pass  
  Independence Pass Independence Pass

That was mainly a driving day. We took the way through Poncha Springs, Buena Vista and Aspen to Glenwood Springs. We first stopped on Independence Pass for photos. We took our lunch stop in Aspen (Aspenguide), the famous ski resort. Aspen is a nice village. Things you can/should do:

  • Shopping (expensive)
  • Eat in a good restaurant, e.g. Mexican
  • Sports and recreation
  • Cable cars
  • Public library with free internet access (Pitkin County Library, 120 North Mill St., Aspen, CO 81611, 970-925-4025)

After a long stop in Aspen we went straight on to Glenwood Springs, where we stayed on Rock Gardens campground. As we found out later, this was the worst (and most expensive) campground we stayed on. Do not go there! It's load (railway passing all night), facilities are dirty (toilet building flooded all evening), tent sites are too small (and only gravel around them) and dangerous (police had to come at 2 at night and arrest kids).

After dinner we went to the hot springs in town. They're located in a hotel. It's a very nice pool area with varous pools, including lap pools (which are a bit warm for workouts). Enjoy and relax! We could even forget about the showers on the campground.