Yellowstone N.P.


(c) July 2000,
Urs Künzler

Old Faithful

And again, one of the probably best views on the tour was limited by the weather. Yellowstone has a lot of colorful places. Be prepared to bring a lot of film and care about the colors.

First stop was at the entrance and short after. You must see the entrance gate. Read the purpose of the park. "For the Benefit and Enjoyment of People". Short after the entrance, we stopped the first time to see wild life.

Along the entrance road The park gate First wild life

Next stop was Mammoth Hot Springs. See the old post office and the visitor center with its museum. And don't forget to stop at Upper Terrace Area or Lower Terrace Area and see the sulfer rocks.

Lower Terrace Area Upper Terrace Area Around the park headquarter

We then went straight to West Yellowstone, where we stayed on Grizzley RV camp ground That was quite windy night. Some of the tents around us were already blown away in the evening. This was the first place where we stayed two nights. First night we went to some local bars. Second night we enjoyed the movie "The Haunting", which is supposed to be scary but was more funny.

We planed the second day in Yellowstone for seeing Old Faithful, some other hot springs, hot pots, boiling earth, and much more. It was still overcasted. We stopped at Firehole Lake Drive, Old Faithful, West Thumb and Grand Village (for lunch) before we went for a short hike in Hayden Valley, where we hopped to see some wildlife.

Firehole Lake Drive Firehole Lake Drive Firehole Lake Drive
Firehole Lake Drive Firehole Lake Drive  
Old Faithful Old Faithful Old Faithful
West Thumb West Thumb West Thumb
West Thumb West Thumb  
Along the way Along the way  
Gibbon Falls Gibbon Falls