Grand Teton N.P. to Jackson


(c) July 2000,
Urs Künzler


After leaving Yellowstone behind us, the weather also cleared up and we enjoyed it. Grand Teton N.P. is right south of Yellowstone after a few miles through John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway.

Grand Teton N.P. is mainly lakes and mountains. The mountains are, where the name of the park comes from. It is french.

We stopped at Colder Bay Village, went to the visitor center and the museum about native Americans and then hiked Swan Lake, which is a short hike of about 1.5 hours.

Grand Teton N.P.
Grand Teton N.P.

Jackson is famous for bikers. It's a very traditional country and western town. There's a shooting every evening in the city center around 6pm. It takes quite long but it's absolutely woth spending a few minutes watching the actors and the action. Jackson has also some good shopping, especially outdoor equipment. And there is an internet cafe in town.

We stayed on Wagon Wheel camp ground. It's a nice mostly RV park with some camp sites along the river. It was just the heavy thunderstorm that scared us a bit.

Obviously we spent the night in one of the major western saloons in town. See all the cow boys and cow girls dance, play pool and dart and just enjoy yourself. You may even manage to dance with on of the real Americans.